dotSwift Talk - Sample code or NSScreencast


Hi Ben,

Loved the dotSwift talk and your approach of thinking about code and architecture. Do you have an example of the App Controller that leverages UIKit’s UIResponder as you suggested in your talk? I know I’ve watched some of the Coordinator videos, but I don’t remember seeing this version of App Controller before… do you cover this in one of the videos? If so, do you remember the screencast number? If not, I would like to put my vote to seeing your approach to this topic on a future episode! :blush:

Thanks for your continued sharing on how to approach app design!


Thanks Rich!

This is a concept that I’ve been interested in lately, but I haven’t recorded any more material on since the Coordinators series.

There’s a bunch of coordinator stuff beyond what I covered here:

I’ve also been closely following Dave Delong’s writings on leveraging container view controllers for essentially the same thing. The benefit here is that you leverage UIKit rather than fight it, so you get things like responder chain for free.

That part of the talk came out of my study & practice of the ideas above.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the great links! This is all very thought provoking… now it will be interesting to see how this all might blend together. Still interested in seeing any progress you make on this architecture in a future screencast!

Thanks again!

OK… One last link:

This is the coordinator with UIResponder support…