Downloading videos


According to the website, yearly subscribers can download videos to view them offline. I am a yearly subscriber, but I can’t find an obvious way to download videos. Is the description of subscription types incorrect? Should I give up on downloading some video and just stream the from the iOS app?

Thank you.


I believe that is a reference to offline viewing within the app itself. In the app, there is a standard cloud download icon (like this). I don’t think you can download them from the website.


There used to be an RSS feed you could subscribe to via iTunes or your app of choice to download the videos

How did you want to watch them?
The iOS app prob makes more sense now it exists.


Yes, to download the videos you should use the iOS App. The RSS feed is no longer offered, though people who were using it before can continue to use it.


Thank you, everybody. I will use the iOS app and view off-line when my internet connection gets flaky.