Live Stream - Friday, May 4th, 2018


I want to quickly announce a Live Stream I’ll be holding Next Friday, May 4th, at 12:00 PM Central Time. I want to experiment with this idea of more live interaction my subscribers.

Potential topics:

  • Writing up a Codable implementation for an API
  • Game of Life in Swift
  • Writing a simple Mac app
  • Having fun with Audio and AVFoundation

If you have a preference (or another suggestion) please reply and let me know.

The live stream will be hosted on the NSScreencast Youtube channel. Be sure to subscribe there to be notified when I go live.


Hi Ben,

Here’s a suggestion that I could probably learn a ton from:

  • How to use Coordinator Pattern when an app is based on UITabBarViewController, with CoreData in-beetween to create a maintainable and readable code.

This could be demonstrated with a shopping app. The app would allow a user to 1) create a shopping lists, 2) to create and add new products to them, and 3) to archive lists. A product could be a simple object containing title only. All user data would be persisted using Core Data.

The app would have following screens: Current lists, Archived lists, List details (products that make a list).

The Current List View would display current shopping lists. Here user would be able to add a new list, display list details and archive the list. Current List View would be one of UITabBarController’s items.

The Archive List View would display all archived lists. Details or those lists should be also viewable. Moreover a user should be able to delete a list permanently. This view would be one of UITabBarController’s items.

List Detail View would display products that make a shopping list. A user would be able to add or delete the product, but only if the list isn’t archived.

The app could be made without storyboards or xib files. The Views would be of UITableView so maybe you could show how UITableDataSource and/or delegate could be decoupled from ViewControllers if it makes sense.

Such app could serve as a cool study for how to architect an app into layers and how to connect those layers so the code is maintainable in a MVC + Coordinator pattern with CoreData in-between.


Eventually, maybe this could be a topic for a screencast too if it doesn’t make into the live coding session.


That’s a good topic for a future episode or live stream. The votes were overwhelmingly for the Mac app, so I’ve invited Guilherme Rambo to come on the stream to assist. Should be fun!

Gui is the creator of the awesome unofficial WWDC app for macOS.


Thanks. Sounds cool!


The live stream turned out to be a success! I’d like to continue doing this, time permitting.

Here’s the recording, for those who missed it…

NSScreencast Live Stream #1