📱 Looking for Beta Testers


I’m getting ready to release a big update to the NSScreencast iOS app. If you’re interested in beta testing, click here:


:pray: Thanks!


Thanks for the invite. I submitted my details in the link and haven’t got invite yet in my email. I even checked the Spam folder but no luck.


I have to add everyone manually for the existing build. Future builds should come automatically.

I just added another round of folks, so you should see the invite now.


Thanks to those that have tried the app so far. A known issue occurs when launching from a blank slate (i.e. you’ve never launched the app store version before either). If you launch the app and see no content, force quit the app and try again.

I’ll get this one fixed up for the next release.


Thanks for the reply.

I haven’t got test flight invite yet. :frowning:


I just sent out 1.1 (18) to external testers.

Rizwan, I sent you an email privately to make sure that the email address I have for you is correct.


Hi Ben,

Thanks much and i got the invite on test flight.