NSScreencast Live Stream #2 - Friday, May 18th @ 12pm CDT


Last week’s live stream turned out great! We had a few hundred people watching live, from all over the world. I invited Gui Rambo (creator of the excellent unofficial WWDC app for macOS) to pair with me creating a simple Mac App.

I got a lot of great feedback about it, mostly resembling…

“That was great! Do that again!”

So we are :hugs:. Tune in next Friday, May 18th, at 12pm Central time. Gui and I will continue building features for this little Mac App, and we’ll also incorporate some of the excellent feedback we received from AppKit veterans. It will again be hosted on Youtube. Be sure to subscribe to the NSScreencast Youtube channel so you don’t miss it. (I’ll also send out a reminder a couple of hours in advance).

If you missed last week’s live stream, you can watch it here.


Here’s the link to today’s live stream (starting in 3 hours): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC55AXUIyjA_ZIxZi_4w45sA/live