Other recommended websites


Hi Ben,

I really like your videos and the level of detail they provide. I’m learning a bunch every time I watch them.

I was curious as to what other websites you use to learn from or follow in order to stay up to date with best practices and such.



There are lots of resources out there. Here are a few that I really like (in no particular order):

For much of what I do I just practice a lot. I try new things, see what works, what’s interesting to teach, and when I get stuck I tend to find answers on Stack Overflow or blogs. In my Vapor series I’ve spent some time in the Vapor Discord asking questions when things aren’t clear.

Not swift related, but I also like Destroy all Software and Ruby Tapas for their excellent programming videos.


Thanks Ben! Was following a couple of the blogs you mention. Did not know about others. Just had a look at Destroy all software, which looks great, I’ll probably give that one a try as well!