SSL Everywhere now live


This was a long-standing task of mine, but has finally been completed.

While I was using HTTPS for all sensitive pages like Payment, My Account, Login, and the API, everything else was served on HTTP.


This was to preserve the hostname www for secure pages (since that’s what my SSL Certificate is for) and use the cleaner for content. It was important for SEO reasons to have code in place that redirects you to the right canonical url for each episode so there aren’t 2 valid URLs for the same piece of content.

Now that the root domain is secured, I can get rid of www URLS entirely, and remove all that redirect code. Good riddance!

If you noticed anything not working, please let me know. And for those of you who use the HTTPS Everywhere plugin in Chrome (you know who you are) you can start using the site in Chrome again :slight_smile:.

– Ben


I’m not sure if it’s related but using the latest app in the App Store yields an error when attempting to download a video RE ATS.


Thanks for letting me know. I am a bit surprised this is happening as the API was already using SSL before the site update, but I can confirm this does work on the new build that is in Test Flight now. I will be submitting this build to the App Store in the next few days.


This issue is now fixed. It was a server side issue that was inadvertently redirecting with http. The site now assumes https everywhere when generating URLS for links and redirects.