xcconfig Files

In this episode we extract all of the settings from a standard iPhone project and move them over to a .xcconfig file for Xcode to use as a base for our projects. Doing so can make our configuration a bit more explicit, allow us to add comments on why certain settings are necessary, and also to put them under version control to make it easy to spot changes.

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hi Ben,

Whats the difference between Application.xcconfig and Shared.xcconfig ?

I saw that Shared.xcconfig was included from Debug and Release. So couldn’t the settings in Shared be moved up to Application.xcconfig too ?

The only difference is that Application.xcconfig was applied as the parent config defined on the Project level and the Debug/Release were defined at the target level.

If there are settings that only make sense at the target level, then you’d want to set those in the Shared config.

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